I’m still here lovies <3 :3   ~wavesI’ve just been really busy with school so I haven’t been on much :( please talk to me though I’ll respond okie?

oh hi there. okay okay, this will be the last one.

I was trying to do a cute “blah” face. LOL. no shame.

I look so hood today…harharhar get it ?!?! okie I’ll shut up. dork mode over.

I don’t want to do homework. someone talk to me please? <3 :3

chubby cheeks~   good-morning/afternoon/<3  smile, ok ?

I want more facial piercings.

good morning & happy sunday ~ spending time with the family today :)

hiii :3 

~yeh my hairs all black now :P

new avatar :P

I miss how I use to look :/ damn.

It’s a beautiful day.<3

work is killing me :( Im so tired and grumpy. ughhhhhadfjakdfjadfj.

lolol I’m literally just sitting on my floor with guess who?! pikachu ^^ hehe… boredboredbored